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Apple Upgrades iBook

Apple updated its three-unit iBook notebook computer line today with the introduction of a faster G3 processor and better graphics capability.

The iBook’s flagship model is now equipped with a 700MHz G3 chip that Apple said is about 35 percent faster than the previous 600MHz processor, which is still available in the line’s entry-level model. The new processor has 512K of on-chip cache, which is twice what had been offered. The notebook also features an ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card with 16MB of RAM. The hard drive’s size has been expanded to 30GB from 20GB. Other features include 256MB of RAM and a DVD/CD-RW combo drive.

The model is now available with a $1,799 suggested retail price.

The mid-range unit, priced at $1,499, also sports the new processor, but has 128MB of SDRAM and a 20GB hard drive. The entry-level model is powered by the 600MHz G3, a CD-ROM drive and a $1,199 suggested retail price.