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Apple Tablet Domination To Continue

#CES New York – The financial firm Canaccord Genuity is
estimating Apple ended 2011 with 63 percent of the tablet market.

This figure is based on shipping 38.1 million iPads through
the year. Apple had owned 81.8 percent of the market in 2010.

Samsung and Amazon were Apple’s closest competitors with 8.3
percent and 6.2 percent, of the market, respectively.

Samsung shipped about 5 million tablets, while Amazon moved
around 3.8 million tablets.

Other players listed by Canaccord were RIM, Motorola
Mobility, LG, Nokia, HTC and Asus.

During the fourth quarter of 2011, the period it entered the
tablet category, Amazon saw its portion of the tablet pie surge to 15.3.
Samsung also performed well during this period shipping 2.7 million of its
units for an 11 percent share.

Apple domination of the category will weaken slightly in
2012, according to Canaccord. By the end of this year Apple is expected to
control 52.4 percent of the market and ship 54.6 million units.

The rest of the field will see their fortunes improve with
Amazon and Samsung each with about 10 percent of the market and the remainder
controlling 5 percent or less.