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Apple’s iOS 6 Gets Its Update

Cupertino, Calif. – Apple launched its free iOS 6 update to add features and enable more carriers in the U.S and foreign countries to offer 4G LTE service to the iPhone 5.

The update, iOS version 6.1, also enables more foreign carriers to offer LTE service for the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad.

Other key upgrades include the ability to use Siri to purchase movie tickets in the U.S. through Fandango. iTunes Match subscribers are now able to download individual songs to their iOS devices from iCloud. A new privacy option lets users reset Apple’s advertising identifier option, which determines how a user’s web-browsing activity is shared with advertisers. Changes were also made to the Safari web browser and to the music-playback controls appearing on the lock screen.

The iOS 6.1 update is also available for the following Apple devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, third-generation iPad, iPad 2 and the fourth and fifth generation iPod touch. These devices aren’t equipped with LTE, and not all new features will be available on all Apple devices.

With the update, Apple’s LTE-equipped iPhone 5 will operate in LTE mode in 36 more cellular networks around the world, and the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad will work in LTE mode in 23 additional networks.

Most of the additional networks for the iPhone 5 are in foreign countries, but the list of U.S. carriers has also been expanded. Apple’s iPhone 5 will now operates in the following U.S. LTE networks: Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, Bluegrass Cellular, C Spire, Cellcom, Pioneer Cellular, Alaska Communications, and Alaska GCI.

With the iOS update, LTE-equipped iPads and iPad minis continue to be supported in the U.S. by AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.