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Apple Owners Like PCs Too

The average Apple computer owner may be a bit more open-minded than the company’s snarky TV commercials would indicate.

According to a study conducted by The NPD Group, 85 percent of those who own an Apple computer also posses a Windows-based PC. The study also found that Apple’s market penetration increased to 12 percent in 2009, up from 9 percent last year.

This data was derived from 2,300 panelists who were polled in an online survey.

NPD also found Apple computer owners tend to own more computers and more notebook computers than Windows households. Sixty-six percent of Apple families had three or more computers in their house, compared with 29 percent of those with Windows systems. In addition, 72 percent of those in the Apple camp had a notebook, while only 50 percent of Windows PC owners had a laptop.

Apple owners generally own twice as many CE devices, with the average family having 48 such products in their home, compared with 24 for the others. Not surprisingly, Apple computer owners were more likely to own an iPod, at 63 percent.

Steve Baker, NPD’s industry analysis VP, said this is partly because Apple owners tend to more affluent, with 36 percent reporting an annual income of more the $100,000.