Apple Opens Grand Central Terminal Store

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New York - With more than a thousand eager customers standing at the ready, and several thousand very curious New York City commuters looking on, Apple opened its newest store in

Grand Central Terminal


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The location holds a prime position in the historic train station, covering the north and east balconies that overlook the terminal's main concourse. There is also an interior portion to the store, with the entrance located at the top of the building's primary staircase.

Several hundred red-shirted Apple store workers lined the balconies and stairs in the lead up to the grand opening, periodically breaking out into chants of "Apple, Apple!" or synchronized hand clapping.

Those people waiting to be the first in the store were shunted down a long corridor off the concourse, with many standing in line for more than three hours before the doors were open.

With a countdown reminiscent of what will take place a few blocks to the west on New Year's Eve, the employees ticked off the final 10 seconds to the official door opening at 10 a.m.

The Apple loyalists were then let out of the holding area in waves of about 50 people. They hustled down an aisle created by the store workers and up the staircase where they were greeted by the remaining staffers. Both sides took a constant stream of video and photos as they walked in.

The store employs 315 people and is the fifth Apple location in New York City. At 23,000 square feet, it is Apple's largest store.

Grand Central Terminal is a massive railroad station located at 42


Street and Park Avenue. It is one of New York City's primary railroad and subway commuter hubs, with an average of 700,000 people coming through some part of the building each day.

The entire building was renovated several years ago and is now host to about 70 stores and restaurants.


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