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Apple iPod Stores Images

Apple swung its potent iPod handheld into the digital photography market with its new iPod Photo, which can save and display thousands of digital images alongside large stores of compressed music.

Available in 40GB ($499) or 60GB ($599) versions, the iPod Photo sports a 2–inch color LCD with blue-white LED backlighting for viewing photos or scrolling through music playlists. The screen’s resolution is 160 by 120 pixels.

The units can store up to 25,000 digital photos alongside music; the photos can be scrolled through using the iPod’s Click Wheel. The unit can also simultaneously run an image slideshow and play music and features a video-out to connect to a TV.

The battery supports up to 15 hours of music playback or up to 5 hours of slideshows.

It offers Auto-Sync technology to automatically download digital music and digital images onto iPod. Auto-Syncing is available for Mac owners running iPhoto and Windows users running Adobe Photoshop Elements and Albums or from their “My Pictures” folder.

The iPod Photo is shipping now and includes a dock with audio and video out and ear bud headphones.