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Apple Intros iPod HiFi Boombox

Cupertino, Calif. — Apple last week introduced the iPod HiFi, essentially a boombox with a top-mounted iPod adapter.

The $349 iPod HiFi was joined by another new Apple product, the Intel Duo Core-equipped Mac mini computer.

The iPod HiFi can be attached to other audio sources through a standard 3.5mm jack, and like any boombox is powered through an AC cord or with six D-cell batteries. It is available immediately from Apple’s online store.

With the introduction of the Mac mini, Apple has moved half of its line over to Intel processor platform, said Philip Schiller, Apple’s worldwide product marketing senior VP. The computer’s Duo Core processors are four times faster than the previous Mac mini model, and it includes a 667MHz front side bus and can accommodate up to 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM. It features built in 802.11g networking, Bluetooth, a slot-load DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive and a 60GB hard drive.

The Mac Mini carries a $599 street price.