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Apple Introduces PowerBooks With DVD Burners

Apple revamped its notebook computer line last week with the introduction of several new PowerBooks, including the new two-unit Titanium PowerBook G4 line that features a DVD burner.

The DVD-R/CD-RW equipped Titanium PowerBook G4 will ship in mid-November with a $2,999 suggested retail price. It will be powered by a 1GHz PowerPC G4 chip and come equipped with an ATI Mobile Radeon 9000 graphics card, 512MB of SDRAM, expandable to 1GHz, a 60GB hard drive and a preinstalled AirPort wireless networking card.

The second Titanium model, shipping now with a $2,299 suggested retail price, replaces the rewritable DVD drive with a DVD/CD-RW drive and has a slightly slower 857GHz processor, 256MB of SDRAM, 40GB hard drive and is wireless networking ready. Both have 15.2-inch displays, weigh about 3 pounds and are 1-inch thick.

Apple also introduced three new lower-priced iBooks with price points of $999, $1,299 and $1,599. The entry-level iBook has a 700GHz G3 processor, 12.1-inch display, 128MB of RAM, 20GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, and an ATI 75 00 Mobile Radeon graphics card. The step up model adds an 800MHz G3 processor, a 30GB hard drive and a combo DVD/CD-RW drive and third model features a 14.1-inch display and 256MB of SDRAM. All three are available through the Apple Store, direct from Apple’s Web store and in retail.