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APC Debuts Power Products At CES

American Power Conversion is introducing a power conditioner with battery backup and a power filter during International CES at booth 21862 in South Hall 1.

The S20 power conditioner with battery backup (S20BLK) features network manageability, temperature/humidity monitoring and a 28 percent larger power train vs. the existing S15.

As a Crestron Certified Integration Partner and an InConcert Partner for AMX, the S20 is integrated and managed within these or any other home automation network. Custom installers now have an all-in-one network-manageable power protection system that will help reduce intrusive service calls and increase customer satisfaction, the company said.

The S20’s built-in Web server and RS-232 serial port provide installers multiple ways to control and monitor the unit and the components plugged into it. The S20 also gives installers the ability to remotely reboot hung equipment, saving customers a costly and intrusive service call, the firm said. When programmed appropriately, home automation networks can respond to any one of the S20’s many outputs.

The APC S20 power conditioner with battery backup, fitted with a black, anodized aluminum chassis, will carry a suggested retail of $1,999. Additional batteries have a suggested price of $499 each, and the temperature/humidity probe retails for $59.99.

The APC C2 power filter delivers surge protection and isolated noise filtering to wall-mounted displays. Designed for the home audio/video market, the C2 power filter features two surge-protected outlets, LED status indicators and a slim profile, allowing consumers to install the device directly behind a wall-mounted television.

APC AV’s C2 power filter protects valuable home theater equipment from damaging surges and spikes caused by power anomalies such as lightning. Additionally, isolated input and output noise filter banks help eliminate electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) as a source of audio/video signal degradation, APC said.

The C2 power filter comes with a $350,000 equipment protection policy for connected equipment and carries an estimated resale price of $99.99.

And APC is introducing Back-UPS RS 1300 and 1500 with integrated LCD. These new models introduce an advanced LCD panel that provides status information, including more than 20 status indicators that give available runtime, load and a power event counter. Additionally, surge protection, battery backup, automatic voltage regulation and award-winning management software make the Back-UPS RS 1300 and 1500 LCD ideal solutions for protecting home and business users from data loss caused by power problems, the company said.

The Back-UPS RS 1300 and 1500 LCD will be shipped in North America this month and carry estimated resale prices of $199 and $249, respectively.