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Anthony Gallo Shipping Satellite Speakers

Chatsworth, Calif. —Anthony Gallo Acoustics (AGA) has begun shipping its latest additions to the Ti Series of Micro’s and A’Diva’s satellite speakers.

The Micro SE and A’Diva SE (Special Edition), which are enclosed in 4- and 5-inch diameter all-metal spheres respectively, perform like much larger audiophile speakers, the company said. One of the benefits of the new speakers’ technology is the ability to present a vivid, 3-D soundstage regardless of listening position.

AGA founder Anthony Gallo said, “After hundreds of experiments and prototypes, and almost 15 years later, we nailed it. Finally, we have created tiny satellite speakers that fit in the palm of your hand that, not only are amazing as desktop/tablet speakers, but in several ways exceed the performance of many stereo and home theater speakers regardless of size or price.”

Suggested retail pricing for the speakers are as follows: Micro SE: $239 each; Micro SE Stainless: $279 each; A’Diva SE: $329 each; and A’Diva SE Stainless: $359 each.