Anthem Ships Third AVR


Toronto -


has begun shipping its third A/V receiver, the opening-price $999-suggested MRX 300.


The audio electronics company's first two A/V receivers - the $1,499 MRX 500 and $1,999 MRX 700 - shipped in late December. A fourth at a higher price is in development.

The HDMI inputs and outputs of the current models in the field and in Anthem inventory are upgradable to HDMI 1.4a with a downloadable firmware upgrade, but the next production run will include 1.4a off the bat, a spokesman said.

All three current models feature seven amp channels, four HDMI inputs, decoding of all Blu-ray surround formats, Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz post-processing technology. Pro Logic IIz derives two front-height channels from soundtracks. All three also feature second-zone audio output and 1080p 60Hz up-conversion with Deep Color support, and composite/component video to HDMI conversion.

All but the opening-price MRX 300 add Internet radio access using the vTuner portal through wired Ethernet connection to a broadband modem. These models also add front and rear USB inputs to play music from a connected hard drive or from USB memory sticks in the MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV formats.

The 700 adds HD Radio.


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