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Antex Unveils 3-Zone XM Tuner

Gardena, Calif.– Antex Electronics, which markets a three-zone Sirius Satellite Radio tuner, will offer an XM Satellite Radio version sometime later this year at an unannounced price.

Antex’s new Triple Play XM-3000 will join a growing number of home-dedicated single-zone and multizone tuners.

Like Antex’s $1,999-suggested Sirius three-zone tuner, the XM-3000 lets users tune into up to three different XM Radio channels simultaneously and distribute them to different rooms, or zones. Users get three ways to control each tuner: through the front-panel buttons, included infrared wireless remote, or in-wall wired or wireless controllers located throughout the house. Individual subscriptions are required for each of the three tuners.

Antex is a developer and original equipment manufacturer of digital audio sound cards, satellite receivers and Internet appliances for the broadcast, communications, and entertainment industries. Its Sirius tuner, launched late last year, was its first home audio product.

The company’s announcement follows the recent announcement by Polk that it would enter the satellite-radio market in the fall with a dedicated single-zone XM home tuner at an expected suggested $329.

Other single-zone XM tuners have been unveiled by Russound and Crestron. Multizone XM tuners have been announced by Audio Design Associates and NetStreams. On the Sirius side, Kenwood and Audiovox offer single-zone tuners, and Antex offers a three-zone model. Niles is tar&H>-
geting the fourth quarter to deliver a Sirius tuner and expects its first Sirius product to be a multizone model. Tivoli, the maker of upscale
tabletop radios, plans to announce details of its Sirius-equipped single-zone table radio in June.

XM and Sirius services are also available with multiple transportable tuners that dock in home, car, and portable docking stations.