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Antec Intros Solution Series

Fremont, Calif. – Do it yourself PC maker Antec launched a new series of desktop chassis this week.

The new units are in the company’s Solution Series and are now shipping with suggested retail prices ranging from $89 to $119. The series contains the NSK 6500, NSK 4400, NSK 3300, NSK 2400 and NSK 1300.

The NSK 6500 features seven expansion slots and nine drive bay, the NSK 4400 has one less drive bay. Each of these chassis is equipped with an Antec 120mm TriCool three speed fan and a mount for an additional 80mm fan.

The NSK 3300 has a dual chamber design to separate the processors heat from the rest of the system along with a rear mounted TriCool fan. It has four expansion slots and three front drive bays. The NSK 2400 has three interior chambers to reduce noise and heat and a 2-sided TriCool fan along with four drive bays and four expansion slots.

The NSK 1300 features three-layer side panels as a noise dampener, expansion slots and for drive bays.