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Bohemia, N.Y. - Andrea Electronics recently announced the availability of its USB SuperBeam headsets with twin boom-free microphones and external USB sound card.

Dubbed "more headphone than headset" by Andrea, the SuperBeam headsets feature an in-line dedicated USB sound card that bypasses a computer's built-in sound system. The ported transducer design produces rich deep bass, clear midrange and sparkling highs that far exceed those produced by the built-in amplifier and digital audio converters found in most laptops, the company said.

Headset settings are made using Andrea's Audio Commander software, which includes a programmable 10-band graphic equalizer. Users can select from a variety of beam-forming and noise-cancellation settings, as well as make surround-sound recordings.

The headsets feature separate 20Hz to 20kHz microphones built into each headphone housing for audio recording without the need for a boom mic.

The dual-microphone array works with Andrea's patented Adaptive Beam Forming technology to focus on the user's voice while cancelling background noise, increasing intelligibility when making VoIP calls, video chatting, gaming or using speech-recognition software, Andrea said. The twin-mic design mimics the way ears hear sound, allowing for binaural recording that is more lifelike and three-dimensional than single-mic recording, it noted.

The SuperBeam is available in two models, ear buds and on-ear headphones, which come in black or white and retail for $129 and $149, respectively. Andrea offers a mobile adapter cable, sold separately for $9.95, for use with MicroUSB smartphones. 

SuperBeam headsets are now available online at

and coming soon to Adorama, DataVision, J&R, and


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