Amped Wireless Offers Wi-Fi- Boosting Antenna Line

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Chino Hills, Calif. - Amped Wireless has unveiled a new line of outdoor Wi-Fi antenna products and accessories that can extend Wi-Fi range up to 1.5 miles.

The Amped Wireless line includes a set of directional and omni-directional, high-gain outdoor antennas as well as two premium indoor and outdoor antenna cables for extending wireless antenna installations. The antenna kits and cables are plug and play and work with any 802.11b/g/n wireless device with an SMA detachable antenna connector. 

Amped Wireless said the antennas provide ultra-low signal loss and are constructed for maximum durability with a rated use of more than 20 years in outdoor conditions.

The line is topped by the High Power 14dBi Directional Outdoor Wi-Fi Antenna Kit (model AD14EX), which extends coverage of a wireless network in a single direction up to 1.5 miles. It features ruggedized weatherproof construction with corrosion resistance, a premium lighting surge protector and wall and pole mounting kits included.

Also available is the High Power 8dBi Omni-Directional Outdoor Wi-Fi Antenna Kit (A8EX), which extends coverage of a wireless network in all directions up to a mile.

Two indoor/outdoor extension cables, in 25-foot and 10-foot lengths are also being offered. They feature weatherproof housings and gold-plated connectors and are rated for a 20-year outdoor life expectancy.

The antenna line is shipping now. The antenna kits are street priced at $89.99 (AD14EX) and $79.99 (A8EX), and the cables are $34.99 and $24.99, respectively.


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