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Amped Wireless Expands Long-Range Wi-Fi Solutions Line

LAS VEGAS — Amped Wireless is exhibiting its line of long-range Wi-Fi solutions for mobile devices, gaming, digital entertainment, personal computing and networking in booth 35506.

The new product line includes the RTA15 high-power dual-band AC 700mW Wi-Fi router, the REA20 highpower dual-band AC 700mW Wi-Fi range extender and the ACA1 high-power dual-band AC Wi-Fi USB adapter. All products feature the latest 802.11ac wireless technology, new high-power amplifiers and high gain antennas for unprecedented Wi-Fi performance and range.

The CRE15 high-power dual-band 600mW compact Wi-Fi range extender is a universal range extender combines a small, plug-in form factor with the same highpower technology found in larger models to deliver an affordable, long-range Wi-Fi solution that extends dualband Wi-Fi coverage by up to 6,500 square feet.

In addition, Amped Wireless will unveil the SB2000 high-power dual-band Wi-Fi signal booster for boosting Wi-Fi signals by replacing the antenna from existing certified dual-band Wi-Fi devices.

The TAN1 high-power Wi-Fi adapter is designed specifically for use with Windows 8 tablets and Ultrabooks. Through the use of high-power amplifiers and high-gain antennas, the TAN1 provides Windows 8 tablets and Ultrabooks with up to three times greater Wi-Fi range and performance compared to standard internal Wi-Fi adapters. The TAN1 features a compact form factor that may be used on a flat surface or fastened to the edge of the screen of a tablet or Ultrabook. The adapter is plug-and-play and requires no software installation, the company said.

Pricing and shipment dates will be available at the show.