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Amimon Unveils WHDI Sticks For Wireless 3D Blu-ray Streaming

Santa Clara,
Calif. – Consumers will be able to stream protected 3D Blu-ray movies from a PC
or Blu-ray-equipped PlayStation3 to multiple TVs throughout the house via a pair
of slim WHDI Sticks that connect to the HDMI inputs and outputs of CE devices,
the WHDI Consortium announced.

Current solutions
based on the 5GHz-band WHDI technology consist of larger black boxes, and
although none supports 3D, new ones due soon will, the consortium said. Those
products conform to an earlier version of the WHDI standard to stream protected
2D Blu-ray movies, Internet video and console- and PC-based videogames with low
latency, but not 3D content, the consortium said.

The Sticks were
developed by Amimon, whose technology forms the basis of the WHDI standard,
which is capable of streaming uncompressed 1080p video around the house. The
standard was recently updated to support all the 3D formats incorporated in the
HDMI 1.4a standard.

Amimon is
marketing the Stick design to CE makers and expects them to begin offering
Sticks under their own brand in 2011. The company said a pair of Sticks could
retail for around a suggested $149 for one sender and one receiver, each 3.2
inches by 1.18 inches by 0.61 inches. Additional receivers could retail for
around $50 to $75.

Each Stick would
plug into a device’s HDMI input or output and get power either from the device’s
USB port or from an outboard wall wart, said consortium president Les Chard.

The WHDI standard
transmits a 1080p/60Hz Deep Color video stream more than 100 feet through walls
to multiple TVs around the house.

WHDI competes with
the WiDi, or wireless display, technology introduced by Intel early this year. WiDi,
however, does not incorporate the HDCP copy-protection technology of the WHDI
standard to stream Blu-ray movie discs.