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American Telecom Intros Two New DECT Phones

City of Industry, Calif. — American Telecom Services (ATS) announced two new DECT cordless phones today.

One model will be incorporated in the company’s Pay N’ Talk line, which bundles long distance minutes from IDT. The other will be featured in its Digital Clear line of SunRocket VoIP phones.

The E30025CL is multi handset system with an integrated answering system. It will be bundled with a master handset and three extensions for under $100, the company said.

The phone and its accessory handsets will feature a 30-name caller ID log, 50 name/number phonebook and an integrated button for accessing Pay N’ Talk account information and for making long distance calls through IDT’s pre-paid service.

The VoIP-enabled X10001 is expandable up to a total of four handsets (the X10002 for a suggested $30). The phone’s base station includes a built-in terminal adapter, router and an additional telephone jack for connecting a fax machine.

The unit, which ships next month, will be available in several configurations, the company said. A $50 SKU will feature a single handset/base unit while others will bundle up to three extra handsets.