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Alpine Shows Video iPod-Ready Car Stereo

LAS VEGAS — Alpine announced what it calls the first car video system that will work with a video iPod and the first to be compatible with the not-yet-deployed Sirius satellite video system for the car.

Alpine will launch this summer a bolt-on module for its 10.2-inch flip-down monitor/DVD model PKG-RSE2. The module has a slot for a video iPod and can stream video and audio to the car video system. The RSE2 will ship this April at a suggested retail of $799. No price was available for the module.

Although Sirius is not expected to launch satellite video service until 2007, the RSE2 is capable of receiving the service, said an Alpine spokesmen.

Alpine also introduced a Bluetooth adapter that can wirelessly stream stereo music from Motorola’s new iRadio-capable cellular phones expected in the second quarter.

Finally, Alpine showed a prototype video iPod adapter that will stream audio and video to other Alpine head units, and an adapter to stream music from satellite radio/MP3 portable players. “Our whole strategy is centered on this connectivity approach,” said marketing VP Steve Witt.