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Alpine Launches TuneIt App For Quick Sound-System Tuning

Torrance, Calif. — Apple launched its TuneIt app for iPhones and plans an Android version later this month for use with a currently shipping car CD receiver and with two more CD receivers to come.

TuneIt lets users plug in their vehicle’s make, model and speaker locations into their smartphone, after which sound-system settings are downloaded from Cloud and sent to the connect head units to tune response to the vehicle. Settings are transferred via USB cable when the iPhone is used and by Bluetooth when an Android phone is used. The app adjusts such head-unit parameters as time correction, parametric EQ, crossover points, bass/mid/treble control, and the like. The app also displays Facebook notifications on the connected heads.

“Alpine TuneIt takes traditional sound-tuning functions and makes them easily accessible via a smartphone app,” said Steve Crawford, VP/general manager of Alpine of America’s aftermarket business unit. “We envision Alpine TuneIt and future apps like it to serve as value enhancements for head units.”

The free apps are compatible with the new $230-suggested CDE-147BT CD receiver and the upcoming CDE-HD148BT and CDE-HD149BT CD receivers. Ships dates for the latter two haven’t been announced.

The app “takes detailed sound tuning settings — which previously would have been tediously adjusted via a one-line display from the receiver — and makes them easily adjustable through an intuitive and interactive graphical user interface on an iPhone or Android smartphone,” the company said.

Users can also choose from pre-made settings in the Alpine TuneIt database. Up to 100 different sound settings can be made and saved, allowing users to create various settings for use with specific types of music, Alpine said.

When an update appears on a user’s Facebook wall, Alpine TuneIt notifies the user through an audible alert and a blinking glass button on the CDE-147BT. The Facebook icon and the sender’s name appear on the CDE-147BT’s screen to remind drivers to check Facebook when they’re not driving.

The CDE-147BT features Made for iPod/iPhone USB, controls Pandora on a connected iPhone or Android phone, and comes with BT Plus advanced Bluetooth, which combines Serial Port profile, secure simple pairing (SSP), DSP-tuned audio for streaming on select models, sound maximizer for clearer phone call reception, an external hands-free microphone, and display of phone battery level, cellular-signal level, received-message icon and call waiting.

The head unit also features 4×18-watt amp, nine-band parametric EQ, 14-bit DACs and ability to be controlled from factory steering-wheel-mounted controls.