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Alpine Intros The ex-10

&?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />&st1:city>&st1:place>Torrance&/st1:place>, &st1:state>Calif.&/st1:state>&/st1:city> — Alpine will introduce its first user-installed iPod/Bluetooth integration system.

The new ex-10 works with any car radio and is the only plug-and-play iPod integration kit to display album art and offer the same menu structure as the iPod, said Alpine.

The kit includes a 2.4-inch TFT LCD that mounts on the dashboard with supplied adhesive. It connects to a cigarette lighter module with a built-in FM modulator and it comes with a remote control. The ex-10 may also connect to a radio via a front-panel auxiliary input. With professional installation, the kit can connect to a radio’s RCA jack and rear-panel auxiliary input.

Once an iPod is connected to the Alpine unit, all control diverts the remote control of the ex-10 and the iPod may be stored in the glove compartment. The remote selects artists, songs and playlists, which are displayed on the LCD.

The kit also allows Bluetooth hands-free calling, and it works with most music-ready Bluetooth phones to stream stereo music through the ex-10 and the car’s sound system.

The ex-10 will ship this month at a suggested price of $199.