Alpine AVN With 8-Inch Screen Now Due In June


Torrance, Calif. - Alpine pushed back shipments of the aftermarket industry's first audio/video/navigation (AVN) unit with an 8-inch screen to June from an originally scheduled May.

It's designed to be "a cornerstone for the brand and a catalyst for sales of amps and speakers," said assistant sales VP Mike Anderson.

The $1,499-everyday INE-Z928HD AVN with DVD-receiver fits into a standard double-DIN dash opening despite the large screen size. It will be available through retailers and expediters.

To accommodate an 8-inch screen in the dash, Alpine will package the AVN with one of 10 Perfect FIT installation kits intended for 10 vehicle platforms and more than 70 vehicle models. The kits, designed specifically for use with the nav system, feature vehicle-specific wiring harnesses and installation accessories for direct plug-and-play connection with factory wiring. The kits also feature dash panels designed to match the shape, color and texture of a specific vehicle's dash.

The kits are promoted as a better looking alternative to third-party install kits for specific vehicles because they're designed specifically for one brand of head unit, not multiple brands.


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