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Almo, Warrantech Bow Warranty Program

Philadelphia — Almo is offering RepairMaster Warranty plans to its dealers via a new partnership with Warrantech. The company said this extended warranty program will give its dealers access to a selection of warranties for electronics and appliances.

Warren Chaiken, Almo’s president/COO, told TWICE in an interview at his company’s headquarters on August 1st that he saw the new warranty plan as a great marketing tool for appliance dealers and as an excellent opportunity for dealers to increase margins in electronics.

According to a release, the program allows dealers to sell extended warranty plans to cover all parts and labor without hidden deductibles or fees. Warrantech’s RepairMaster handles administrative duties for the plans including initial setup and repair calls.

Earlier this year, Almo added to its suite of dealer services with the introduction of its Profit Express Consumer Direct Parts Service. The service allows Almo dealers to direct their customers to order replacement parts through ProfitExpress and the dealer will receive a commission for parts sold.

“In today’s marketplace, our dealers need tools that help differentiate them from big box retailers,” said Chaiken in a release. “One key differentiator is service that caters to busy professionals and families that require an additional helping hand. That’s why we’re constantly adding new programs like RepairMaster and Profit Express to our portfolio.”

Chaiken said Almo is a $500 million company that partners with more than 4,000 dealers. He said that the company saw about $150 million in sales for its CE division in 2006 and estimates that it will see about $170 million this year.

The distributor has more than 1 million square feet of warehouse space split between 11 facilities throughout the United States. For more information, visit Almo.