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Almo Reports Record Turnout For St. Louis Expo

Philadelphia –
Almo, the major national appliance and CE distributor, reported that it had its
best semiannual expo turnout this past week in St. Louis.

While the exact
attendance was not revealed, Almo said the strong numbers were a result of its
changing the expo format to a two-day event, in order to make the experience
more convenient and efficient for its dealers.

Four regional
trade shows in New Jersey, Missouri, Ohio and Minnesota were planned for May
through August. The training expositions feature hands-on access to the latest
products, free skill and technology trainings, door-buster show specials,
one-on-one meetings as well as peer networking events.

The format change
was based on dealer demand. It now features a day focused entirely on appliance
training and the second day focused entirely on CE and skills education.

Each year, the
company will adjust the format of the expos based on prior experience and
market conditions to ensure dealer partners remain competitive and that their
time is respected, Almo said.

Dealers are able
to register to win prizes such as plasma TVs and large appliances. During the
St. Louis expo, one dealer happened to win both the pre-registration drawing
prize and a major “Play to Win” prize, taking home a 50-inch plasma TV and a
Sharp Insight steam oven.

Registration is
still open for the next two expos coming up July 31 – Aug. 1 in Toledo, Ohio, and
Aug. 8-9 in Minneapolis.