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Almo Releases Annual CE Catalog

Philadelphia — Almo has released its annual consumer electronics catalog in both print and digital formats.

“Our CE catalog is designed as a dual purpose tool, offering MSRP pricing, product and technical information along with one-click integration to Almo’s B2B dealer portal where inventory, dealer pricing and ordering information are available,” stated Warren Chaiken, Almo president and COO.

“This structure allows a reseller to use the catalog as a reference tool when working with a customer without revealing dealer pricing details. It’s a warehouse of products at their fingertips,” he added.

Available in print, online and on portable devices including the Blackberry, Droid, Palm, iPhone, iPad, and Wi-Fi tablets, the 2012/2013 Electronics Catalog includes home entertainment, portable entertainment, photo/video, communications, mobile electronics and small appliance categories.

This complete product/model listing gives dealers expanded inventory options that can be drop-shipped to their customers’ homes within 48 hours. With Almo as their warehouse and distribution partner, dealers don’t need to physically to stock the entire line on their floor; every product is only a click away — via the online catalog, Almo Access or the new Access Mobi-App, the distributor said.  

Almo dealers will receive printed versions of the catalog in the mail. The digital version in both full and mobile formats can be found at

Dealers interested in obtaining a catalog or joining the Almo team may contact a new dealer specialist via email or by calling 866-430-2566.