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Almo Pro To Carry ZeeVee’s ZvPro, ZvBox

Philadelphia – Distributor

Professional A/V

said Friday it has reached an agreement with HD signal-distribution
systems developer ZeeVee to carry its lines of ZvPro and ZvBox products.

The devices are now available directly from Almo for HD video and
other commercial digital signage applications, Almo said.

In addition,


exhibit and provide a training session during Almo’s E4 A/V partner training
and networking event on Dec. 15 in New York City.

“The ZeeVee team has found a way to enable affordable distribution
of HD video and digital signage, and we are now able to pass along these
benefits to our partners,” said Sam Taylor, Almo Professional A/V executive VP
and COO . “The great pricing and simplicity of the products are enormous
advantages, regardless of whether resellers and integrators are
well-established in digital signage and HD video distribution or just getting

ZeeVee provides affordable solutions for HD video distribution
within hotels, airports, restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals and everywhere
else digital signage or high-end video is shown.

Products incorporate the same HDTV broadcasting technology used
by television and cable companies and adapt it for on-premise use.

Almo now carries the ZvPro line of professional HD video-distribution
products, including the new ZVPro 280 — an HD MPEG-2 encoder and a QAM
modulator combined in one package. It’s said to distribute razor-sharp digital
signage and HD video without the need for players at each display,

Also carried is the ZvBox, which turns HD and VGA output signals
into an HDTV cable channel and broadcasts it over coax cabling to all connected

ZvBox connects to off-the-shelf HDTVs without additional decoder
boxes at each TV, handles up to 135 simultaneous channels, and is easy to
deploy and expand by using simple hand tools, the company said.