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Almo Adds Polaroid A/V Lines

Minneapolis, Minn. — Petters Consumer Brands, which distributes A/V products under the Polaroid brand, has reached an agreement with Almo Corp. to distribute its complete lines of Polaroid consumer electronics to a broader range of national retailers.

Under the agreement, Almo will sell Petters Consumer Brands’ lines of Polaroid DVD players, LCD and plasma TVs and monitors, flat and round tube TVs, portable DVD players, under-the-cabinet LCD TVs and digital cameras, the companies said.

“Our collaboration with Almo Corporation puts Polaroid consumer electronics on the shelves of retailers we normally wouldn’t have been able to reach,” said Mike O’Shaughnessy, president of Petters Consumer Brands. “The new alliance is mutually beneficial because it satisfies the needs of Almo’s retailers, and it promotes Polaroid consumer electronics to a much broader audience.”

Warren Chaiken, Almo’s president, said, “Almo has long been successful in distributing some of the biggest brand names in the world to retailers of all sizes. Today’s deal is a testament to our strong nationwide distribution network and to our ability to broaden the strategic offerings for our retailers.”

Almo can be reached by calling Marc Shapiro at (215)698-6082 or by e-mail at [email protected].