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Allsop Disc Stash Doubles As Time, Disc Saver

Disc Stash, a new “safe and convenient” method to keep discs handy next to a television or PC, holds up to six discs vertically separated from one another.

This Allsop product, made from durable and soft microfiber cloth, cleans dust from well-used shiny discs while it stores them, said the company.

The Disc Stash is said to be a solution that doesn’t require any work from the user. Consumers don’t have to change anything they are doing. Instead of putting discs flat on top of a DVD player, they can stand these in the Disc Stash. When doing this, discs are protected from scratches, while making it easier to pick out one DVD title from another.

Designed as temporary storage next to the DVD player or computer for the most-often used discs, Allsop’s research shows that most people keep only a few discs handy at a time. The company says it is just too easy to not put discs away immediately. Therefore, most people have a few random discs sitting next to or on top of their CE devices.

The available Stash, at $14.99 suggested retail, lets users continue to keep a few discs around, but also organizes them and protects them from dirt and scratches.