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AllJoyn In The Fun

The open AllJoyn platform will be found here:

AllSeen Alliance (71836): AllSeen is exhibiting to promote the AllJoyn software framework and open source code. The AllJoyn certification program guarantees all AllJoyn products branded with its logo, regardless of manufacturer, will connect and interact with each other seamlessly. Among Allseen’s 200 members’ products are LG TVs, Windows 10, Microsoft’s Surface, Lowe’s Iris, LIFX light Bulbs and Insteon.

EnOcean Alliance (71836): Exhibiting at the AllSeen Alliance partner booth, the EnOcean technology enables sensors and switches to be powered by motion, light or temperature differences so they can operate without wires or batteries. The company is demoing three networked smart home areas – the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom – integrating different household appliances controlled via several battery-less sensors and switches. All are connected via the open AllJoyn platform.