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Beaverton, Ore. - The

HDBaseT Alliance

has launched its HDBaseT 1.0 certification program and announced the availability of the first HDBaseT-certified product, a Gefen Extender that delivers HDMI 1.3 over CAT5 with Ethernet.

The alliance was formed to promote and standardize

HDBaseT technology

for whole-home distribution of uncompressed HDMI video, audio 100BaseT Ethernet data, various control signals, and up to 100 watts of power over standard Ethernet cables, which are less expensive than HDMI cables. The technology also distributes HDMI video up to 100 meters, exceeding current cable-length limits.

The certification program is designed to ensure that current and future HDBaseT products are interoperable and meet an approved baseline for functionality, the alliance said.

The HDBaseT Alliance incorporated less than a year ago, and many products supporting HDBaseT technology have already hit the market, but alliance president Ariel Sobelman said the launch of the 1.0 certification program "is an important milestone for the alliance in promoting industry-wide adoption of HDBaseT technology for whole-home and commercial multimedia content distribution."

Gefen already offers other HDBaseT products, including matrixes, that haven't yet been certified. Another HDBateT product not yet certified is the recently launched $999-suggested Kordz's HDBaseT Extender, which enables uncompressed HDMI, six-port Ethernet, IR and RS232 data to be sent over a single CAT cable up to 100 meters. Multiple devices can be attached to the transmitter and receiver in the package. The receiver is an active powered device that dras up to 100 watts of power from its embedded PoE (Power over Ethernet) feature.

 The Kordz HDBaseT Extender supports all mandated HDMI 3D formats, 4K (2160p) XHD digital cinema, and all available formats of HD Audio.

The first HDBaseT test facility is in Israel.


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