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Aliph, Cingular Wireless Bow Jawbone

Atlanta — Aliph, a developer of mobile audio, and Cingular Wireless have introduced the Jawbone headset for Bluetooth mobile phones.

Jawbone is the first adaptive Bluetooth headset with Noise Shield technology, to help eliminate background noise so calls are clearer, said Aliph in a release. The Noise Shield technology uses a noise-canceling system that is designed to continuously adapt to users’ changing environments. The technology includes a system of sensors and software, which adjusts at a rate of 500 times per second to improve audio quality based on what it knows about the environment.

According to the company, Jawbone is the only headset that has a proprietary voice-activity sensor and proprietary software that continuously samples the sounds in users’ environments, and then subtracts those sounds from their speech signals. This enables a user to speak normally in any environment while still being heard clearly when placing calls. It also boosts the frequencies that increase voice intelligibility to stand out over their environments, enabling them to hear a caller better.

“We endeavored to build the first headset all users will actually want to wear,” said Hosain Rahman, Aliph CEO and co-founder, in a release. “The total product experience has been designed around how consumers actually use wearable technology.”

Jawbone, which has a 30-foot range, features a design by audio product designer Yves Behar that is meant for comfort and functional simplicity. It has a perforated shield that curves to match the outline of the face, while the soft and smooth underside provides a comfortable feel on the skin, said the company. It weighs 14 grams, can be worn on either ear and has six hours of talktime. Ear loops in four different sizes and shapes are offered.

It is currently available at select Cingular Wireless retail stores for $119 and is reportedly compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled handsets.