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Alcatel Lands In The U.S. Via Cellatel

Distributor Cellatel of Irvine, Calif., plans to introduce Alcatel-brand mobile phones to the North American market as the brand’s exclusive North American distributor.

More than 15 slider, clamshell and bar phones will be available by April through tier-two carriers and mobile phone retail outlets, the company said. In June, Cingular’s MVNOs will start offering Alcatel-brand phones. One fashion-oriented model, the Elle Nº3, will be available in department stores.

All are 850/1,900MHz GSM models, some with MP3 playback. All appear to be low-tier models, based on information on the company’s Web site, but all are said to be “distinguished by innovative design, superior quality, ease of use and best value.”

The phones are produced by a joint venture established in mid-2005 between Alcatel and China’s TCL Communication Technology Holdings, both makers of cellular handsets. Cellatel desscribed TCL Communication as “one of the world’s top 10 global mobile phone communications providers,” and it said the joint venture allowed Alcatel-branded phones to expand beyond Europe to 80 countries.

They include “elegant” models, “fun and casual” models, and “trendsetter” models.