Alarms, Etc. Starts TV Ad Campaign

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Lakeland, Fla. - Three-store retailer Alarms, Etc. is launching its first holiday TV ad campaign, despite "the great recession."

The car stereo retailer will air nine TV commercials over 10 TV networks including one spot that takes aim at nationwide big-box retailers.

Joe Cassity, operations director for Alarms, Etc., said, "Now is the time to be advertising. The economy has taken a hit on our sales, just like any other shop ... But we have weathered tough economic times in the past, and we know the key to coming out on top is by making sure that when a customer does decided to spend those dollars they are clinching tightly, one of the first places they want to visit is Alarms, Etc."

The company said it plans to open three more stores over the next two years.


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