Aereo TV Service Launches In NYC

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New York - Aereo, a provider of retransmitted local HD broadcast television programming, announced to potential cord cutters the availability of its service here Wednesday.

The online television platform was designed to give New York-area consumers cable-like network TV content that is retransmitted to devices using tiny antennas. The service offers value pricing, convenience and accessibility using both home-based and mobile devices.

However, the local broadcasters recently filed suit to stop the service, claiming copyright infringement.

The Aereo service is offering potential subscribers a 90-day free trial followed by a $12 monthly fee.

Membership includes access to a remote antenna that is used to access more than 20 broadcast channels, and 40 hours of remote DVR storage and usage on up to five devices.

At launch, Aereo will be compatible with web-enabled iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Roku, AppleTV and MacBook. Android support is coming soon, the company assured.

Consumers may register online at

. The service does not use an outboard box and requires no installation, the company said.

"Technology is changing rapidly and consumers have embraced innovation that simplifies access to entertainment. People no longer want to be tethered to their TVs or cable boxes.  Consumers are demanding more flexibility and value -- Aereo delivers just that. This truly groundbreaking technology will usher in a new era of choice in the broadcast marketplace, making the consumers the ultimate winners," stated Aereo CEO and founder Chet Kanojia.

Benefits of the service include:

  • a remote antenna by which a user can choose to access live 24/7 broadcasts of the major networks and local stations;
  • a remote DVR with 40 hours of Cloud-based storage, enabling a user to record individual shows or set season recordings with the simple touch of a button from any device;
  • an intuitive programming guide with useful search tools, including touchscreen optimization, to discover programming by topic, actor or title; and
  • social capabilities that let users discuss and recommend shows in real-time with other Aereo members on Facebook and Twitter.


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