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ADA Readies $40,000 Preamp Processor

Las Vegas – Audio Design
Associates went to International CES to launch the Cinema Reference Mach IV
preamp processor, promoted as the industry’s most sophisticated preamp
processor and priced at a targeted $40,000.

 It will ship in the second quarter.

 The product features 16-channel Trinnov
(tri-innovation) room-correction technology, making it the world’s only pre/pro
with built-in Trinnov technology, said ADA VP/COO Richard Stoerger.

From its digital and HDMI inputs,
the signal path directly to the output stage is digital with no A/D and D/A
conversion between the processing and post-processing stages, he added.

 Other key features include 16 channels,
allowing for biamplification of the front, center and surround speakers in a
7.2-channel speaker system. A 7-inch 1080p front-panel touchscreen display
doubles as a video preview display and setup interface. The rear panel features
eight HDMI inputs with dual-mirror HDMI outputs.

 To connect a lot of devices, the preamp
processor offers inputs for 12 audio-only components and eight A/V sources.
HDMI inputs and outputs are “HDMI 1.4 3D compliant,” he said.

 ADA also plans to display its trio of stand-alone
Trinnov room-correction processors. They are TEQ-4 four-channel optimizer for
two-channel (stereo) systems, and the TEQ-8 eight-channel and TEQ-12 12-channel
optimizers for home theater.