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Acer Closes In On Dell

El Segundo, Calf. – Dell barely hung onto its place as the
world’s second-largest PC OEM in 2009, as Acer is now within a fraction of a
percentage point of displacing the Round Rock, Texas, company.

iSuppli’s 2009 Worldwide Top PC OEM Market Share report
gave Acer 12.7 percent of the market on 38.4 million units shipped, while Dell
was credited with 12.9 percent of the market on 38.9 million units shipped.

When just considering the fourth quarter, Acer did bypass Dell
with 13.4 percent share to Dell’s 12.2 percent. This was despite Dell managing
to post a 5.3 percent increase in units shipped. However, this increase was
overwhelmed by Acer’s 28.9 percent. All others also showed massive growth, with
Lenovo leading the way with a 43.1 percent increase.

Hewlett-Packard retained its worldwide No. 1 spot for 2009 by a
healthy margin. The company had 19.7 percent of the market on 56.6 million
units shipped.

Lenovo and Toshiba filled out the remaining two spots with 8.2
percent and 5.1 percent of the market, respectively.

In 2009, Dell saw its share fall 9.9 percent, while Acer was up
21 percent. HP grew a healthy 7.4 percent. Lenovo and Toshiba posted very
healthy double-digit growth as well.