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Peerless Industries Consolidating Facilities

CHICAGO — A/V mounting solutions supplier Peerless Industries will construct a new 307,813-square-foot headquarters in suburban Chicago that will allow the company to consolidate its Illinois and China facilities, making Peerless the only major domestic mount producer with a 100 percent U.S.-based manufacturing operation.

The move will replace four older buildings on two campuses in Illinois as well as a plant in China with a single modern and more energy-efficient facility located on 22.5 acres in Aurora, Ill. According to Peerless, the company will benefit from cost efficiencies, shorter lead times, local control over manufacturing processes, a smaller carbon footprint and the ability to pursue a variety of green initiatives that previously were not possible because of the age of Peerless’ buildings. Peerless said the move will create roughly 85 news jobs for Illinoisans.

Phillips Pronto Adds 11 New Rep Firms

LEUVEN, BELGIUM — Philips Pronto, the supplier of two-way control solutions, has signed on 11 new manufacturers’ rep firms to help its dealers within the U.S. custom-installation space. Pronto said in the coming months it will continue to sign more rep firms to provide advanced dealer support throughout the country.

The new rep firms (with their regions) include: Audio Associates (Westchester and Rockland Counties, New York metro area, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia); Chet Davis (Michigan); Elite Marketing (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas [excluding El Paso]); Jarmac Group (Massachusetts, Upstate New York [excluding Westchester/Rockland Counties]); Market Share (Washington, Oregon, Idaho); Pro Mark Marketing (Southern California, Nevada); RS Pro Sales (Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania) Sound Tech Marketing (New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Texas [including El Paso]; Tandem Marketing (Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, North and South Dakota); WSR Sales (Florida and Puerto Rico); and WSR Sales SE (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi).

“Pronto has made a clear decision to focus completely on the custom-installation channel,” said Rudy Musschebroeck, marketing manager for Pronto Philips. “Our sales staff has been working tirelessly to sign the best firms that will help our dealers get the attention and support they need. As a company, we are dedicated to providing our dealers with the tools they need to succeed, and the signing of these firms is just the first step.”

CTA Digital Launches New Web Site

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — CTA Digital has launched its new Web site,

www.cta, featuring more ways for retail clients and distributors to interact with the company. According to the company, the new site is streamlined to showcase CTA Digital’s lineup of accessories and provide convenient access to information, such as product specifications, high-resolution images, PDF sell sheets and demo videos.

The site’s design focuses on the latest product releases, while a series of navigation boxes highlights the company’s most popular product categories, including accessories for the Wii, PS3, PSP, DSi and iPhone.

In addition to providing an information platform for CTA’s retail and distribution partners, the site is also offering more ways for consumers and enthusiasts to follow company announcements, a CTA spokeswoman said. CTA Digital also has pages on Facebook (

), YouTube (

) and Twitter (


Also announced by CTA Digital is the new Master Exercise Kit for the Wii and Wii Fit. The kit features five Wii Fit accessories: a resistance band, caloriecounter adapter, yoga mat, water bottle and step cups for the balance board.

Ventev Debuts ‘Green’ Travel Charger

LAS VEGAS — Ventev last month debuted its EcoCharge twin-device travel charger, which reduces standby power draw (“vampire power”) by 10 times less than the EPA Energy Star No Load Requirement.

The charger features a hidden USB port for charging two devices at once.

An onboard LED alerts a user when the charger is drawing power from the outlet and when it is not. When the LED is off, the EcoCharge is active.

The vertical form factor fi ts into any power strip or wall outlet without covering other outlets.

Two SKUs are currently available, a Micro USB and Mini USB, both retailing for $29.99. An iPhone version will be available in April.

Panamax/Furman’s Power-Management Platform Goes Live

PETALUMA, Calif. — Panamax/Furman announced that it has successfully completed beta testing of its BlueBolt Web-based plug-and-play power- and energy-management technology.

BlueBolt provides hosted IP power control and energy monitoring for A/V systems. Users can control Blue- Bolt-equipped units through Panamax/ Furman’s hosted BlueBolt servers for plug-and-play setup or, if preferred, via direct connection over Telnet or HTTP using the BlueBolt-CV1’s embedded Web server.

BlueBolt’s top-line features include remote outlet control for hard-reboots of connected equipment; e-mail alerts when power anomalies occur; scheduled commands for power-up, power- down or power-cycling of outlets; monitoring of current consumption and incoming voltage in near-real time or over history; and permissions settings to provide secure device access at administrator, installer or client level.

Hardware now shipping to authorized Panamax/Furman dealers include the Panamax M4315-PRO 15-amp power conditioner (suggested retail: $649) and M4320-PRO 20-amp power conditioner ($749). In addition, the Panamax MB1500 and Furman F1500-UPS A/V Battery Backup solutions ($1,299 each) can be configured for BlueBolt access with the addition of the BlueBolt-CV1 interface card ($249).


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