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Accell Adds Power Conditioning To PowerSquid

Fremont, Calif. – Accell
has launched a version of its flagship PowerSquid surge protector with power

The PowerSquid
surge protector and power conditioner delivers 1,080 joules of surge protection
to five separate outlets equipped with a ProPower noise-reduction filter to
reduce line static caused by RF and electromagnetic interference, which can
show up as snow in video and crackling in audio.

The new 120-volt
PowerSquid is rated at 15 amps, delivering 1,800 watts. It handles a maximum
spike current of 72,000 amps; has a response time less than 1 nanosecond; a
resettable circuit breaker: red and green LED protection working, grounded
power and power on indicators; and delivers noise reduction up to 40dB from
150KHz to 100MHz.

It also features a
3-foot heavy-duty power cord, two-way mountable rubber feet to prevent
slipping, a drop-tested ABS plastic housing and recessed master power button to
prevent accidental switching.

“As distributors
and resellers are always looking for innovative products to provide their
customers, we’re very excited to bring the PowerSquid surge protector and power
conditioner to the distribution and retail channels,” said Michael Weizer, Accell’s
marketing director.

The new PowerSquid
is available now at a suggested retail of $34.95.

It is protected by
Accell’s five-year connected equipment, $100,000 limited warranty.