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ABI: 34% Of PNDs To Offer 2-Way By 2013

London — By 2013, 34 percent of all personal navigation devices (PNDs) worldwide will offer cellular or Wi-Fi-connected services such as real-time traffic, live local searches or updatable maps, according to ABI Research.

Principal analyst Dominique Bonte said 1.2 million PNDs will offer cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity worldwide in 2008, compared with 43 million in 2013.

ABI Research said the most promising aspect of two-way connectivity is its ability to upload data in real time so that users can make instant map corrections and engage in other forms of networking, including participating in traffic network updates, as in the new Dash Navigation system.

“There will be two trends,” he claimed. One will be in low-cost, sub-$100, very basic PNDs, and the other will be in high-end PNDs with “real-time traffic, dynamic content, location-based services, social networking, tracking and friend-finder functions.”