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A4WP Debuts Rezence Brand For Wireless Charging

Fremont, Calif. — The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) today announced the debut of its Rezence consumer branding program.

The Rezence brand will act as the official name for the organization’s wireless power technology and will be used to support the A4WP product certification program by providing a recognizable icon that member companies can add to Rezence-certified product packaging, technical literature and future software applications.

The official launch of the A4WP product certification program is targeted for the end of this month.

“The challenge for the A4WP marketing committee and its branding agency was to create a distinct and easy to recognize brand concept that would speak to the unique benefits our technology brings to the wireless charging ecosystem,” said Geoff Gordon, A4WP marketing committee chair. “The name Rezence was derived from the words resonance and essence, communicating both the underlying technology and its ability to charge all types of electronic devices. The Rezence logo includes a simple, iconic mark in the form of a Z that can also be used as a standalone mark on a variety of applications.

“The new Rezence brand is much more than an icon, it’s a promise to consumers that devices carrying the Rezence logo will be interoperable with one another,” said Chang Yeong Kim, executive VP and head of digital media and communication research and development center of Samsung Electronics. “Rezence will allow us to move forward and bring consumer-friendly wireless charging to the global marketplace.”

Rezence uses magnetic resonance to extend wireless power applications beyond the mat and accessories market into mobile devices and almost any surface. Benefits of the technology cited by A4WP include:

• For retailers and other public locations such as airports, Rezence can be easily integrated into existing furniture and surfaces;

• For device manufacturers, Rezence takes advantage of broadly adopted wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth Smart, which will allow manufacturers to minimize hardware requirements;

• For industrial designers, Rezence provides more flexibility for charging applications to be installed into automobiles, furniture and other surfaces; and

• For consumers, Rezence will allow for a true drop-and-charge experience, including the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices.

Examples of the new Rezence logo as well as environmental and conceptual product photos can be found on the A4WP’s newly updated website.

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a global wireless charging ecosystem. Members include board of director companies Broadcom, Gill Electronics, IDT, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung and Semco.

The A4WP told TWICE that a “major PC OEM” has agreed to join the alliance but will not be announced until International CES next month.