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8×8 Unveils New Business Service

Santa Clara, Calif. — VoIP provider 8×8 unveiled a new business calling service today.

Called Packet8 Virtual Trunking the service provides VoIP dialing to businesses using existing phone hardware and Internet connectivity.

Through VARs and directly, 8×8 will sell an integrated access device (IAD) that can connect a business-class phone system to the Internet. The IAD requires professional installation, which will be performed by an 8×8 partner.

8×8 is also adding domestic regional sales personnel who will be building a network of telecommunications resellers that sell into the SMB channel to support Virtual Trunking, the company said.

The new offering is designed to compliment the company’s Virtual Office product, which combines a business-class VoIP service with IP hardware. “What we’ve found when selling Virtual Office was that a lot of businesses were interested, but didn’t want to overhaul their existing equipment,” said sales and marketing VP Huw Rees. The new solution bestows the benefits of VoIP telephony without having to swap-out existing equipment, he said.

Packet8 Virtual Trunking offers dial tone, toll-free number service, direct dialing, T1/PRI termination, analog (FXS) termination, Enhanced 9-1-1 (E911) support, Caller ID/CNAM, national directory listing and online billing and account management.

Like Virtual Office, Virtual Trunking is aimed at the small to medium sized business market, though it can be scaled to “much larger enterprises,” Rees said.

The service will cost $1,500 for the IAD and installation, with a $25-per-line subscription for up to 500 minutes. Rates are set at 3.5 cents per-minute. The company will offer a $500 and $1,000 rebate on the adapter and installation for a one or two year commitment, respectively.