8x8 Partners to Offer Digital Courier Services to Subscribers

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Santa Clara, Calif. — VoIP provider 8x8 announced a partnership with YouSendIt today to deliver “digital courier” services to Packet8 residential and Virtual Office phone subscribers.

The YouSendIt-powered Packet8 Dispatch service lets users upload multiple digital files as large as 2GB each to multiple recipients, who receive an email with a link to initiate a secure file download. The YouSendIt service is an alternative to sending emails with large attachments.

The service will be available in two tiers to Packet8 subscribers. A free “Lite” version will transfer files as large as 100MB with a download bandwidth limit of 1GB per month. A “business plus” tier, with 2GB uploads and 200GB downloads per month, will be free for 45 days and then cost $29.99 per month or $329.99 a year.

The service is available at http://packet8.yousendit.com/.


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