8x8 Offers Professional Installation


Santa Clara, Calif. — VoIP provider 8x8 added more features to its Virtual Office small-business VoIP telephony solution, adding a hosted call center and professional installation in select markets.

The Packet8 Complete Contact Center is a multimedia call center platform that offers “enterprise class functionality” alongside Virtual Office’s iPBX features, the company said. It was developed with call center firm Contactual to allow Virtual Office users to operate multichannel call centers within Packet8.

According to 8x8, the solution is hosted and so does not require specialized hardware or software, but only a Web browser and voice terminal. It features skills-based routing, multimedia management, real time monitoring and reporting, voice recording and logging, and interactive voice response, among other features.

8x8 will also offer professional installation for its Virtual Office product in select markets. The service, delivered in conjunction with broadband installer CSI, will also include on-site technical support and repair.

Installation services will be rolled out in San Francisco, San Jose Oakland, Calif.; Denver; Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Chicago; Minneapolis/St. Paul; St. Louis; Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, Texas. Beginning on or about Aug. 30, other markets, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Atlanta, Miami, Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, come online.


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