51% Of Consumers Upgrade Included Accessories: CEA

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Arlington, Va. - A study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reports that nearly half of consumers will shop to replace an accessory included with their consumer electronics purchase.

The study, Accessory Purchasing in the 21


Century, also said consumers will base their accessory purchase decisions on functionality rather than price. Sixty-one percent of online U.S. consumers shopped for accessories in the past year and more than half (53 percent) made a purchase, CEA said.

"Product quality, enhancing performance and getting the word out through satisfied customers are key factors for consumers in purchasing accessories," said Rhonda Daniel, market research manager for CEA, said in a statement. "Consumers place more value on quality and functionality of the accessory than price when making purchase decisions."

According to the study, 41 percent of consumers will upgrade an accessory that came with a device to get a better-quality one, and 26 percent will buy an accessory to enhance the performance of the device.

Consumers consult an average of five sources when searching for information, CEA said, including people they know who own the product (54 percent), friends and family (45 percent) and online customer reviews (44 percent).

The study also found that 75 percent of accessory purchases are made after the purchase of the underlying device, with the majority of purchases taking place at brick and mortar retailers, CEA said, with price and convenience topping the list of determining where to purchase the product.

The study was fielded from Jan. 4-10. It is available free to CEA member companies at


. Non-members may purchase the study for $699 at




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