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4K SD Memory Cards Standard Set

San Ramon, Calif. –– The SD Association (SDA) has finalized a new class of memory cards certified and branded to support 4K Ultra High-Definition video products.

The new Ultra High Speed (UHS) Speed Class 3 (U3) symbol will indicate products capable of recording 4K by 2K video and will appear exclusively on SDXC UHS-I and UHS-II memory cards and devices and SDHC UHS-I and UHS-II memory cards and devices.

The UHS Speed Class 3 establishes a 30MBps constant minimum write speed.

UHS-I and UHS-II symbols indicate bus interface for data transfer. UHS Speed Class symbols, such as U1 and U3, indicate minimum write speeds for real-time video recording.

The UHS-I bus symbol is used on SDXC and SDHC products capable of supporting data-transfer speeds between the memory card and the device of up to 104MBps.

The UHS-II bus symbol is found on products supporting data-transfer speeds up to 312MBps.

Users should pair their devices with memory cards having the same symbol for optimum performance, the SDA said.

New devices offering the UHS Speed Class 3 will be backward compatible and will work with existing SD memory cards.