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48% Of Adults Likely To Buy Cellphone, 25% A Tablet, In ’14

Beloit, Wis. — Forty-eight percent of U.S. adults will likely buy a cellphone in 2014, and 25 percent will likely buy a tablet, according to a consumer survey commissioned by, the online coupon and deal site.

Among cellphone purchase intenders, 88.6 percent plan to buy a smartphone, and 11.3 percent will buy a basic phone.

In a survey of 1,000 adults, FatWallet also found that more than half will likely buy electronics other than TVs from online retailers in 2014 and 31 percent will spend more than $500. Those surveyed were not asked if they would buy a new TV, which was the subject of a January survey that found that 30 percent plan to buy a new TV this year.

Adults who are likely to buy described themselves as extremely, very or somewhat likely to buy.

In the latest survey, the most likely purchasers of cellphones this year were found to be women and people younger than 30. Fifty-two percent of females and more than 60 percent of those younger than 30 plan to buy a phone.

Among cellphone purchase intenders, Android phones are the top choice followed closely by Apple phones. Forty-one percent of cellphone purchase intenders plan to buy an Android phone, and 39 percent will buy an Apple phone. A total of 11 percent will buy a Windows phone.

Notably, Android is more popular than iPhone for adults younger than 40, and 14 percent of cellphone purchase intenders was a Windows phone. Twenty percent of seniors still want basic cellphones, not smartphones, FatWallet said.

Verizon is the most popular network among cellphone purchase intenders, with 33 percent wanting to connect their new phone to the Verizon network, followed by 26 percent who want to connect to the AT&T network. A total of 13 percent plan to opt for a no-contract plan, though that percentage rises to 18 percent for peoples ages 40 and older. Next was Sprint with 17 percent, T-Mobile with 10 percent, and Virgin Mobile with 3 percent. Twenty-eight percent cited other carriers.

Among tablet-purchase intenders, Apple is tops. Thirty-four percent prefer an iPad, followed by 31 percent who prefer an Android tablet. Twenty percent plan to buy a Kindle, and 15 percent plan to buy a Windows tablet.

Laptops are still in demand, the survey also found. Twenty-seven percent of adults plan to buy a new laptop. More than the 25 percent who will buy a tablet. Among laptop-purchase intenders, 27 percent want an HP laptop, 24 percent want Dell, 14 percent want Apple, 9 percent want Samsung, 5 percent want Asus, and 5 percent want Lenovo.

 The survey also determined that:

*Twenty-seven percent of adults will purchase wireless (including Bluetooth) products this year.

*Almost 75 percent of adults will buy electronics other than a TV in 2014.

Of consumers planning a wireless purchase, 12 percent will buy wireless printers followed by streaming media devices (8 percent), Bluetooth headphones/speakers (7 percent), wearable devices such as smart watches and fitness bands (6 percent), and wireless home-automation products (6 percent).

Among consumers planning to buy electronics, 41 percent plan to spend less than $500, and 13 percent will spend more than $1,000. Fifty-two percent said they plan to buy electronics from online retailers, 10 percent from mobile devices, and 19 percent through deal/coupon sites. However, 78 percent said they will still buy some electronics in brick-and-mortar stores.