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3M Smart Pen Ships

Hannover, Germany – 3M Touch Systems has started shipping its
Smart Pen into the U.S. market.

The Smart Pen is designed for use with touchscreen devices like
tablet PCs and smartphones.

The announcement was made here at the CeBIT technology show.

The introduction includes two SKUs, the MHP-1000 and MJP-3000.
The former comes in black, gray, pink and titanium silver, and has a clip like
traditional ink pen, the company said. It carries a $15.99 suggested retail.

The MJP-3000 comes in black, navy blue, pink and titanium silver,
and has a detachable lid that allows the pen to attach to the device’s speaker
jack for storage. It carries an $18.99 suggested retail.

Both pens feature anti-stick technology, enabling them to
smoothly move across a screen, and they give the user greater accuracy compared
with a finger, the company said.