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3D Consortium Releases Displays Documents

San Jose, Calif. – The [email protected] Consortium, dedicated to
speeding the advancement of 3D technology into the home, recently released two
documents, ST4-01 3D Glossary and ST4-02 3D Technology Family Tree Poster,
aimed at defining and documenting emerging technologies that enable 3D to the

The two documents are geared toward industry professionals
and were developed by the consortium’s Steering Team 4 (ST4), which was tasked
with identifying issues around 3D displays and associated hardware.

The [email protected] Consortium said it is making the documents
available to 3D industry professionals to provide a common framework for
communication and facilitate industry advancement

The terms included in the 3D Glossary represent a
comprehensive listing of the terminology used in the technology and business of

“The document provides more up-to-date and accurate
definitions than any other source since it was developed from inputs provided
by [email protected] members who represent all aspects of the 3D supply chain from
content creation to display,” said Chris Chinnock, the ST4 leader. “Industry
professionals will find the 3D Glossary an authoritative and useful reference
tool in communicating regarding technical issues and products.”

The glossary is available via the consortium’s Web site.

The 3D Technology Family Tree poster is a graphical
representation of the relationships between 3D display technologies and
required eyewear, if necessary.

The poster was originally released as an insert to the Motion
Imaging Journal of the Society for Motion Pictures and Television Engineers and
is also now available for purchase
via the internet.