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3-Watt Cellular Boosters Unveiled

St. George, Utah — A new iBooster line of in-car cellphone-booster kits from Wilson Electronics consists of an iPhone-specific kit, a kit for the BlackBerry Curve and a universal kit designed for most other phones.

The iPhone booster became available in April, and the other two are due May 1. The expected average selling price is $240.

The 3-watt kits are designed to reduce dropped calls, increase data rates in weak signal areas, and make it possible to originate calls in what were previously dead spots while charging the phone, the company said.

Each 3-watt booster kit includes an all-in-one signal amplifier, charger and cradle. Other components include cradle-mounting hardware options, outside magnet-mount antenna and cigarette-lighter power adapter.

A phone needs to sit in the cradle to charge, but phone performance will be improved if it’s near the cradle/booster, the company added.