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2027: International CES in 2027

Technology will certainly enhance the attendee experience at the 2027 International CES — 20 years from now.

We will likely see RFID tags tracking real-time traffic and other measurements of the CES experience. Attendees will have access to live keynotes via video-on-demand. The CES show floor will be arranged by solutions, not by company, and we’ll see considerably more partnering on booth space and presentations.

Attendees also will use handheld devices to help them with everything from navigating the floor and getting the latest show and product announcements, to reserving restaurant seating and collaborating with their colleagues in other parts of the building.

In regards to what the physical space will look like, the Las Vegas Convention Center will have a lobby that connects all of the exhibit halls from North to South, the Silver parking lot will house a second floor addition and we’ll see new traffic and bus flow on the ground level. Las Vegas itself will have more than 15,000 new hotels to sample and try, which should help ease hotel room cost concerns. The International CES will also leverage the Sands Convention and Expo Center expansion to house more exhibits at that venue, and it will contain a monorail station.

As to what we might see on the CES show floor, there are several cool technology trends that we can all anticipate. These include: 3-D holographic video, walking/talking robotic servants, optical computing systems and fuel-cell power. We likely also will see massive-capacity optical content storage systems and advanced electronics home medical equipment. There will be increased focus on green homes and energy efficiency, and nearly all products will be designed for easy recycling.